Your team getting the best fit is critical to their health and performance and to your productivity

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How We Provide
The Most Accurate Fit

Data is not wrong. It is more accurate than actually trying the shoes on. Feet are 3-dimensional, but most tools to measure them are only 2-dimensional. That is why most people believe they need to try footwear on to actually know it fits well. 3D technology proves them wrong.

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  3D Foot Scan

By using the most advanced Albert 2 Pro 3D foot scanner with 4 state-of-the-art Intel® RealSense 3D Depth Cameras to capture the most accurate foot measurements down to 1 millimeter, we can fit a boot perfectly to any foot.

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Utilizing millions of 3D scans Aetrex matches an individual's unique 3D foot profile & fit preference data with the shoe purchase history of similar profiles to recommend the right fit. Once scanned, we will tell each of your employees their best fitting style in your online catalog.

  True Fit®

Millions of consumer order data + footwear manufacturing design data is used to recommend the best fitting shoe size in a brand compared to what an individual already wears and fits well in another brand.

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Our consumer review platform allows us to collect our specific user feedback and also access feedback from our various brands on how their specific footwear products fit. This is displayed on our websites for your employees to use in helping them know the best fit.

  Vast Selection

Our huge number of brands and styles provides greater amount of FitGenius high-ranked recommendations to practically guarantee your employees find their perfect fit in a style they'll love to wear.

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Why It Is Important

  Lower Return Rate

When the work boot fits perfect the first time, your return rate decreases. CustomFit's average return rate is 15-20% lower than the industry average. That's less time any of your crew is in the wrong boot and out of compliance.

  Employee Wellness

The right fit means employees are not experiencing blisters, foot and leg fatigue, and other debilitating issues that result in errors, injuries and claims.

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  Higher Productivity

A proper fitting boot allows employees to reduce their pain and muscle fatigue to they can work faster and longer with less days called off for recovery. Reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and overtime expense to get more work done.

  Online Ordering

3D scanning is a transformational change in buying footwear. Trying on to secure a good fit is now obsolete - personal foot data ensures the best fit a person can get. No need for a shoe truck or to go to a store.

How to order

If you have not had your feet scanned and need 2-dimensional measurements select your sizing chart below

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