We get it — we pioneered the shoemobile service — however, it's now quicker, easier, cheaper, and overall a better solution for you to use our online program. Free shipping & returns, the full selection, analytics and support, and so much more make our program the best footwear program solution.

Safety Shoe Truck Pros and Cons


  • Try on many pairs of safety boots
  • Face-to-face help

However, setting up an online solution with free shipping and returns, live support, and everything else that comes with our program will likely be quicker, provide better support, and be able to scale to fit the amount of employees you need protected.

Once an employee knows their footwear requirements, they can have the freedom to shop from their entire selection to find the perfect shoe for them without feeling rushed to make a purchase. They can try it on in the comfort of their own home or conveniently shipped to their place of employment.


  • Limited Shoe Selection
  • Limited Boot Sizes
  • Higher Prices
  • Returns Hassle
  • Limited Service Timeframe
  • Long Service Lines
  • Employee Downtime
  • Truck Breakdowns and Bad Weather Force Cancellations

You Don't Need A Safety Shoemobile

Your safety footwear program doesn't have to be stuck on the shoe truck. Realize the benefits of your own CustomFit protective footwear program which offers benefits including:

See How CustomFit Offers A Better Safety Shoe Program

Your company's answer to the inefficient and poor selection of a shoemobile is our comprehensive online work boot and apparel program that meets your specific and unique Safety Footwear Program needs.

More SAVINGS. Better SERVICE. Incredible SELECTION. Quality SAFETY.

Currently being serviced by a safety shoe truck and feeling limited, over-charged, overwhelmed and out of control?