Making Our Mark

From the Amazon A-to-Z arrow to the word “MOM” in the Wendy's collar to instill home cooking, logos reflect the value of your brand. After 100 years of experience, Lehigh has left our mark. As we look forward to our next 100 years, we introduce our new logo to represent what we have built and how we do business. We're Foundational. We're Partners. We're Progressive. We're Greater Than. We're CustomFit.


Lehigh started in the Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley at the heart of the steel mill industry and the rise of workforce safety. Our 100-year heritage of safety and innovation is the CORNERSTONE we continue to build on.

Feet are the foundation of the body. From the ground up we protect from accidental and long-term injury to keep a company's employees healthy and productive.

Healthy and productive employees are the foundation of a successful company.


Lehigh is in partnership with each of our customers. Like a Venn diagram, our mark visually shows how we come together for a common goal to keep employees safe on the job. Whether that be through shared data for greater reporting and visibility, exceptional selection of product, capturing personal foot data to recommend solutions or by working one-on-one with employees at on-site ordering events.


Standing on the cornerstone of our 100-year heritage of safety and innovation (black back-facing arrow), we continue to progress forward into a bright safety green future (green forward-facing arrow) by introducing first-to-industry technologies, products and services. Just as we transitioned from limited shoe trucks to an online solution, our mark reflects embracing digital innovation.

Greater Than

Visually representing the mathematical symbol of Less Than and Greater Than, our mark conveys that all other ways of supplying safety footwear to company employees is Less Than what we provide while representing how Lehigh's managed program of supplied metrics, time-saving efficiencies and focus on employee wellness has proven us to be greater than all others.


A Lehigh managed program can be customized to fit your company's size, requirements and needs. Our mark visually demonstrates elements coming and fitting together for a more unified, comprehensive and streamlined program.