Why Get CustomFit? To Save Your Company Time, Money and Hassle On It's Safety Footwear Program
Why Get CustomFit
Over the past few years Lehigh Outfitters has revolutionized the safety footwear industry. We have moved away from shoe trucks and stores to a comprehensive online CustomFit solution. WHY?
  • Saves substantial money and time
  • Offers a greater selection of footwear
  • Is available 24/7
  • Meets specific work environment needs
  • Meets all subsidy level needs
  • Has Free Shipping and Free Returns
  • Reduces waste with Electronic Invoicing and Payment
  • Utilizes data share system integration

Watch our video below for more information on why partnering with Lehigh Customfit is the best fit for your company's safety footwear needs.


Safety shoes are important! Employee Safety is top priority! But sometimes getting your employees into the right shoes with the least amount of stress can be a sole-sucking nightmare. It's time-consuming and expensive. Shoe trucks have limited selection, sizes and service timeframes. We bet the way that you are getting your safety footwear right now is really expensive and unnecessarily hard on you and your employees.

CustomFit is your company's way of giving your employees the safety shoes they want to keep them safe on the job while preserving your bottom line. You'll never have to worry about whether your employees are wearing the right shoes. Get peace of mind knowing their feet are safe.

Lehigh CustomFit will build you an online safety shoe store where your employees can shop and buy their occupational footwear. You buy everything else online, why not your safety shoes?

Lehigh CustomFit is available 24/7/365 on any computer, handheld device or you may qualify for an on-site kiosk.

If for any reason your employees don't like their shoes or they got the wrong size, our simple and easy online returns process is available 24/7 and FREE.

So take the hassle and stress out of your safety footwear program. CustomFit is the best fit for your company's needs. You can't afford to drag your feet. Partner with Lehigh CustomFit today and solve your company's safety shoe problem once and for all.

Still not convinced? See what our customers think of CustomFit

SAVINGS: Your company can SAVE UP TO 25% compared to other traditional services. Selling from the web allows Lehigh to pass on the savings of up to 15%. Plus by choosing to utilize a CustomFit website, your company saves an additional 10%.

SELECTION: We offer over 60 top-name brands and more than 2400 styles of footwear, apparel and accessories for your employees to choose from or for you to customize the selection of the right shoes to the right work environments.

SERVICE: Available 24/7 | Free Shipping and Returns | Subsidy and Payroll Deduct and Voucher compatible | On-site Kiosk | Multi-employee Ordering | Dedicated Customer Service and Fit Specialists | And Much More

SAFETY: Lehigh Outfitters is one of the largest and most respected safety footwear companies in the industry. Over the years we have introduced many innovative products and technologies which have led to increased safety awareness in the workplace. We choose the brands and styles we offer carefully to ensure you receive a quality product you can rely on.


Want to set up a CustomFit website? Need more information? Have a question about how CustomFit can be specifically tailored to your safety footwear program needs? Wondering exactly how CustomFit is better than a shoe truck? Please fill out the below form and a CustomFit Specialist will be in contact.