You have come to look at Lehigh Outfitters through the years for many different types of protective toe footwear. Not to be overlooked in our variety of protective toe styles would be various western styles including our Rocky Original Ride lacers. We have a waterproof lacer Rocky stock # 6717 as well as a more basic lacer in Rocky stock # 6722. However, these are no ordinary lacers. They are built with the 8-layer Original Ride Comfort System that provides comfort and support.

They have rugged oil and slip resistant rubber outsoles that also have well defined right angled heel breasts to help catching rungs for ladder climbing purposes.

The other feature possessed by these boots is one that is subject to debate. It is their kilties. Some people like them, while others do not. The Kiltie is the piece down at the bottom of the eyelets. It can be considered as a brush guard by some (if you really believe that), while others just like it for its visual appeal.

If you live in areas such as Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma; you may feel that your boot would not be complete without its kiltie. However, if you were from the Northeast as I originally was, you may think that the kiltie tends to take away from the manly look of the boots.

You should actually be able to be satisfied either way because the kilties of these styles are laced-in allowing you the choice to use it or lose it.

Please check out our Rocky Original Ride Lacers and wear them the way you like them.