CustomFit by Lehigh Outfitters is a safety program designed for companies big and small. The program allows companies to have access to a large variety of safety footwear. This allows us to build a website completely customized to the company’s needs. For example: if a company requires steel toe, 6” or higher, and lace up boots then we would build a website that shows boots that fit those requirements. Once a website is built the employees have access to logon to the website and purchase their boots. This ensures that every employee is in the correct PPE while on the job.

The ordering process has been enhanced a great deal. Lehigh Outfitters introduced a Kiosk which allows employees to walk up to an iPad and place an order. This helps eliminate the need to have a dedicated computer or person to place orders for boots. Kiosks come in two different forms they, a stand-alone and a wall-mounted iPad. Another feature that CustomFit has is called Command Center. This feature is a pure administrative tool that takes all the guesswork out of knowing who has ordered and who hasn’t. In Command Center you have the ability to use a wide variety features, the main one being able to pull order and return information. It takes all the hard work of asking people questions about their shoes and we do it for you. Everything you could possibly need to know about your program can be found in Command Center.

The best thing about the website is it is 100% free! Most companies ask you to pay a certain amount to have a personalized website. We joke at Lehigh Outfitters that the only thing you pay for is the boots themselves but it is true. The shipping is free, the returns are free, and the website is free. What might be one of the best features is the customer service that we offer. Lehigh Outfitters makes sure that every CustomFit account has a manager that is there for you.

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