Voucher Program

Not interested in being in the footwear business? Worried that by ordering online you'll spend more time
buying for your employees, verifying eligibility, tracking and returning footwear than you'll recoup in savings? Don't stress, Lehigh CustomFit has a solution for that!

Part of being a leader in the footwear industry comes with the responsibility to develop programs that allow YOU to focus on being a rockstar at YOUR job; not spending your valuable time dealing with getting boots on your employees.

The CustomFit Voucher Program is an innovative solution that allows you to lock down purchasing to only eligible employees, provides them with all the information and security to order on their own and affords you the peace of mind to know your employees' safety is being addressed.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how our voucher program works:

  • What is a voucher program? A voucher program is an easy way for you to control which employees are currently eligible to purchase their boots and helps you easily keep track of who has already purchased safety shoes off of your CustomFit website. You will be provided with customized Lehigh vouchers (at no cost of course) with login information to your CustomFit website. Each individual voucher will have a unique code that must be entered as a final step to allow the order to be submitted into our system. Once the order is placed, the unique voucher number is deactivated in our system thus preventing any additional orders from being placed. This also makes it quick and easy to connect an invoice to the appropriate employee.

  • Does the voucher program work for companies that just have a payroll deduction option for their employees? Yes! We've actually catered to many customers that only allow payroll deduction.

  • What if an employee loses his/her voucher card? Simple! All you would need to do is contact your Customer Service Representative and request that the original number be deactivated in our system, and then just provide your employee with a new voucher.

If the above FAQs don't address all of your questions

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CustomFit Voucher

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