With a kiosk at your workplace, it's like having your own boot store! There's no reason to have limited, expensive shoe trucks come to your business when we can ship you a temporary or permanent kiosk which offers more sizes, limits down time to order, and provides an easy ordering option for all of your employees.

We offer two types of ordering kiosks that you can put at your workplace to have employees place orders: temporary and permanent. Features of the CustomFit on-site kiosk include:

  • Features CustomFit - your online answer to a more efficient and cost-effective safety footwear program because it saves you time, money, hassle and worry about the safety of your employees
  • Convenient 24/7/365 access to all employees, all shifts
  • Available in Free-Standing Wall/Desk Mount
  • Takes Up Little Space - can be placed in any desired location
  • Locked down browser to your specific CustomFit website
  • Real-time inventory display
  • Increases likelihood of employee safety footwear purchase
  • Perfect for employees who don't have personal internet

Temporary Kiosks

The first type of on-site kiosk is a temporary solution for those interested in getting employees in protective footwear quickly at once. Later orders can be placed on any computer, phone, or tablet as usual. This solution is available at no additional cost to you

You will receive an orange box with the kiosk inside. Take it out, set it up, and have your employees start ordering today.

Important: Save the orange box to return the kiosk when you are done using it.

Permanent Kiosks

Permanent kiosks offer a permanent on-site ordering solution for your employees to ensure they have a place to order their protective footwear. The permanent kiosks can be provided free of charge to qualifying accounts. Contact us to see if you qualify for a permanent on-site kiosk.

Want to know more about how a Lehigh CustomFit Kiosk can benefit your safety footwear program?


  • Email us at customfit@lehighoutfitters.com
  • Call 800-444-4086 to talk to a live voice
  • Fill out the form below to have a Lehigh Representative contact you soon