We not only remove the hassle and stress of buying safety footwear for your employees we provide the tools you need as a manager to report, track and control your corporate safety program for more efficiency and savings.

Are you in command of your safety shoe program?

Let's face it, as a manager one of your tasks is to manage, right? - employees, programs, schedules, activities, goals, and on and on. Lehigh CustomFit is here to help - at least with your safety footwear program. ONE of the benefits of using us as your steel toe provider is our multi-purpose tool or dashboard of insight we call Command Center - simply because it puts you more in command by utilizing analytical data from three main administrative features.

Program Management

View, Edit, Track

  • View All Orders
  • Track Shipments
  • Create Returns
  • Data Exchange Accounts can:
    • Add and employees
    • Edit Employee Information
    • Reset Employee Eligibility
    • Apply Changes Immediately
  • Voucher Accounts can:
    • Create Vouchers
    • Check Voucher Usage
    • Deactivate and Reactivate Vouchers

Reporting View

Collect, Export, Analyze

  • Streamlines Future Budget and Order Planning
  • Top Selling Safety Shoe Styles Among YOUR Employees
  • Top Producing Days for YOUR Employee Program Website
  • YOUR Monthly Sales and Quantity Purchased
  • Total Year-To-Date Quantities and Purchase Amount
  • Order History
  • Returns History
  • Easily Export for Accurate Record Keeping

Branding Options

Create & Promote

  • Display Your Company Logo on Website Homepage
  • Create Custom Posters
    • Show Your Chosen Footwear and Apparel Styles
    • Include Your Company Logo
    • PDF Printable File
    • Hang and Promote in Your Common Areas and Breakrooms

CustomFit Command Center

Get control of your safety footwear program with the CustomFit Command Center. Our free footwear program provides many benefits to giving you the tools and insight that you need to have a successful safety footwear program.

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