As you know, your feet are 3-dimensional - length, width and height. Unfortunately, all tools used to measure feet are only 2-dimensional - length and width. Since everybody's feet are different it can sometimes be hard to measure your TRUE shoe size. Lehigh Outfitters also carries a wide range of styles and brands; and not all brands are built the same. So if you are familiar with the brand you plan to purchase, we recommend ordering the same size you normally wear in that brand. If you are new to a brand it is still best to go with the size you are currently wearing assuming they are a comfortable fit.

How to Find Your Boot Size and Measure Your Feet

Meaure your feet with the below charts to help determine your shoe size according to your foot length and width in inches. The cart measurements represent industry standard.

Foot Length Chart

When measuring your foot, stand on a solid surface wearing socks that you intend to wear with the shoes you are planning to purchase. Place a ruler on the ground. Place your heel at the lowest end. Read the number where your longest toe ends. Use this number with the below chart.

Foot length boot size guide

Men's Foot Width Chart

After measuring your foot length match the corresponding shoe size from the above chart to the below Men's and Women's width charts to determine your foot width.

Men's width boot size chart

Women's Foot Width Chart

Women's width boot size chart

Footwear Sizing Tips

Youth Shoe Size Chart

Youth width boot size chart