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What are the hazards of not keeping your feet dry? What's the difference when it comes to work boots and
the different protection levels? Waterproof. Water Resistant. Water Repellent. When do you need one versus
the other? Check out our infographic on why you need protection from wet feet and the work boot
protection levels that keep your feet dry.

Top Selling Waterproof Styles with Membrane Construction:
5965 | 1107 | R6003 | G6303 | G6644 | 6543

Top Selling Waterproof Rubber Styles:
3149 | 2745 | NOR6145 | ASP-STL | NOR2169 | 93145

Seam-Sealed Waterproof Styles:
IA9650 | NORA521

Because purchasing from a CustomFit site is access restricted to authorized users only, you must first
log in to view the above styles. Don't have an account? Contact us today.

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