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Rocky is and has been a world leader in occupational and outdoor footwear since 1932. A fast-growing devoted fan-base of the initial primarily outdoor hunting styles lead to Rocky's greater expansion into the occupational arena to fulfill their customer's all-around needs for a quality work boot. Today Rocky has taken the occupational market by storm with a wide variety of styles establishing it as an excellent brand to choose for all workplace needs.

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Technology and innovation empowers the brand - Rocky is Confidence in Action

  • Rocky® Waterproof construction is 100% guaranteed waterproof
  • Rocky Energy Bed footbed features kinetic energy absorbing materials
  • Air-Port® cushion footbed circulates air with every step.
  • Terra Suspension footbed has a durable PU arch and heel contoured to fit for supportive comfort
  • Pro-Cell comfort system features a soft polyurethane footbed with in integrated energy return heel plug, a cushion insole, non-metallic shank, midsole and the Pro-Cell rubber outsole.
  • RockyBarnTec outsole is guaranteed oil and fuel resistant for 2 years
  • SPRLeather is stronger than conventional leather to resist barnyard chemicals
  • Rocky® Ride Comfort System has 8 layers of protective and comfort features including an oil-resistant outsole
  • Rocky® Long Range Outsole System incorporates 10 highly engineered components for stability, comfort, flexibility, and durability for peak performance

Rocky work boots and shoes are available with protective toe caps that meet or exceed ASTM F2413 standards as well as CSA Grade 1 standards.

If you or your employees are in need of a work boot with a safety toe, Rocky offers the following options.

  • STEEL TOE BOOTS AND SHOES: Provides the highest level of protection against workplace accidents and hazards and is typically recommended for jobs that require top-level protection. If you have a value-fitted CustomFit website log in and check out our selection of both Rocky men’s steel toe boots and shoes and women’s steel toe boots and shoes.

  • COMPOSITE TOE BOOTS AND SHOES: This type of footwear also provides excellent protection against workplace hazards and accidents, but since they are not metal, they are lighter in weight than steel toe caps and pass through metal detectors without problems making them a good choice for workers in the Transportation and Correctional industries.

  • CARBON FIBER TOE BOOTS: As strong as steel but 50 percent lighter than steel, the carbon fiber toe cap is non-conductive and resists extreme heat and cold.

Depending on your job or workplace requirements, there are numerous protective features that you might need or require your employees to have in their work boots.

Along with safety toe options, Rocky also offers the following protective features that meet or exceed ASTM standards:

  • Metatarsal Guards
  • Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Satis Dissipative Protection
  • Chemical Resistant Upper and Outsole
  • Oil and/or Slip Resistant Outsole
  • Puncture Resistant Outsole
  • Heat, Flame or Fire Resistant Upper and Outsole
  • Shank Support

Just as valuable as protection is comfort - especially when the job requires all-day standing, walking, climbing and moving.

Built with quality materials to ensure superior performance, Rocky demonstrates its decision to providing a product you can depend on to keep you both safe and comfortable in any work environment. High-end footbed technology is at the core of footwear comfort and Rocky's proprietary and exclusive Air-Port Cushion footbed, Energy Bed, and Terra Suspension footbed are comparable to none.

To learn more about whether Rocky is the right boot for your job, contact one of our Fit Specialists Today.

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