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APRIL 28th, 2016 - One of Lehigh's core values is safety and we support any initiative that shares and promotes that value to the customers we serve. The 3rd annual Steel Safety Day on April 28th, established by the World Steel Association (WSA), reinforces creating and maintaining a safer work environment across the entire steel industry.

At inception, the WSA defined the 5 most common major causes of workplace safety incidents to focus on - moving machinery, falling from heights, falling items, gas and asphyxiation, and moving cranes. Each year one of the causes is highlighted with knowledge and information for prevention. This year focuses on Staying Safe While Working At Height. Check out this detailed graphic the WSA put together to help better understand the safety practices to reduce risk.

Staying Safe While Working At Height


The above practices are excellent points in helping to prevent an occurance or hazard. Lehigh also highly recommends always enforcing a safety footwear policy and requirement for steady footing when working from any height or on a ladder.

For the steel industry our most commonly purchased footwear is MetGuards. This type of boot incorporates an extra piece of durable material that lays on top of the boot to protect the metatarsal bones of the foot from heavy impact. Lehigh carries a wide variety of styles in both internal and external options. If you have a CustomFit account check them out here.

For employees who spend any time working at height on a ladder, the right boot makes all the difference. The best boot to have is a debris-releasing, anti-slip outsole with a right-angled heel for proper rung gripping. Check out our more in-depth article about Boots and Ladders.

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