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Safety Hazard Alert!

AUGUST 25, 2015 - The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has issued a Safety Hazard Alert to anyone who uses products containing hydrofluoric (HF) acid, especially those who work in commercial car washes and auto detail as car and truck washes and rust removers and brighteners are likely to contain it. In Washington alone, one worker has died and 48 have been burned after exposure to car and truck wash.

Protection is highly important! You should stop using all products that contain HF if possible. Researchers found that "Products containing both diluted-use concentrations of less than 1 percent HF and concentrated formulations of up to 20 percent HF are dangerous to workers."

These incidents and cases stress the necessity of always wearing proper PPE such as gloves, face shields and boots, when working with solvents and chemicals as you never know what may be dangerous or harmful to you. Our selection of rubber boots is superior to most – log into your CustomFit site and check them out. If you need to protect and provide for your workers but don't have a safety shoe program, we are confident you'll find the quality safety boots and service you need with us – Get CustomFit Today!