Ask The Expert
I'm Not a Multi-tasker
I should have known at a young age when I was part of a two-student team whose role was to simulate the game of Jeopardy to teach our fellow elementary school classmates a particular subject that I would likely never be a good multi-tasker.

My teammate and I decided that he would play the host of the show while I would play all three of the contestants. I felt as if I was doing pretty well for a while shifting from chair to chair changing one clothing item each time and letting each contestant provide the correct answers (questions) along the way.

However, it eventually got to the point where I started to wear down. I was concerned that I might be forgetting something. I still continued to move forward as things seemed okay until one of our classmates interrupted our presentation to call out that one of our male contestants was now wearing the female contestant’s hat because I had failed to switch it back.

Thankfully it generated a good laugh and our presentation went well overall. However, I recognized from my slip-up that multi-tasking was not my thing. It still is not today.

Fortunately, on we have some footwear products that are much better multi-taskers. If you have not gotten around to checking out our Georgia Boot Ironton recent additions, you may want to do so.

One of the styles involved is their Steel Toe Waterproof Electrical Hazard (under dry conditions) stock # G6743. Another option is a Steel Toe Waterproof Electrical Hazard (under dry conditions) stock # G6762 that also has the added features of a Soft Internal Metatarsal Guard as well as underfoot Puncture Resistance. Talk about a Multi-Tasker!

While it is too early for it to be available, we eventually will have a G6700 version that provides all of the features of the G6762 except it has no metatarsal guard. Our Irontons are much more diverse than I am and may be just what you need.