Ask The Expert
Boots that Bring it to the Table
I remember back to my elementary school days when my big brother in high school was in a band and played during a spaghetti dinner at our church.

Seeing that my brother was performing and my parents were sitting with parents of other band members, I was able to sit with the younger brother of one of the band members at a separate table. We thought we were pretty cool at our own table.

We were so cool at that table that a couple of high school girls actually came over to sit with us. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves.

It was not until afterwards when I was talking with my parents that they pointed out to me that what these girls really wanted to do was try to work their way through us to our big brothers. They also pointed out that at the church dinner I was wearing spaghetti sauce over a good portion of my shirt.

You knew exactly what you were getting from me back then because I was as upfront about what I thought as was the spaghetti sauce on the front of my shirt.

We have a growing line of Built by Georgia Boot styles that I think are upfront with the features and value they bring to the table.

Two of the many good styles within this group are the Built steel toe Paver stock # BG6453 and Built composite toe Joist stock # BG6683 work shoes. If you are seeking some good solid footwear, please check them out as well as the other Built by Georgia styles on our web site.

We hope to provide you with the features and value you are seeking with these styles and do appreciate your interest in our products.