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New Avenger Styles Just In Time For Christmas!
Seeing that it is that most festive time of the year, I thought that I would start this blog and then turn it over to one of our outstanding elves here at Lehigh Outfitters to put her spin on this week’s post. As you read on, I think that it might help put you in the seasonal spirit as I believe it has helped me . . .

While the holiday shopping season is well under way, we have recently been able to add two new styles from Avenger to our Lehigh Outfitters web site. We originally did not anticipate them being available until 2012, so you could almost say it’s a Christmas Miracle of sorts!

It also works out well that one of these styles is for men, while the other is for women so no matter who is on your Christmas List this year, you will be covered! Both styles are made with composite toe caps. If by chance the reindeer get loose from Santa’s sleigh, your toes will surely be protected from the trampling of hooves. These shoes are also waterproof which will help keep the winter slush from putting a damper on your holiday spirit.

The women’s stock # A7155 is a nice looking tan colored shoe, while the men’s stock # A7270 is a darker color style that also has 600 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation to help keep your toes toasty warm even if it is a white Christmas.

Avoid the mad dash at the mall. There is no waiting in line when you can browse and buy online from the comfort of your own home!

Thank you for your interest in our products and have a Happy Holiday Season!