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NOW AVAILABLE - Georgia Boot FLXPoint for Women
It definitely helps when I am trying to determine what blog subject to write about when I have a sample of a shoe under consideration at my desk and multiple people stop by to pick it up and check it out. This is the case with this week’s subject.

Anyone who has read some of my past blog posts, probably has caught on that I am a huge fan of our Georgia Boot FLXpoint footwear.

It just makes my day when we have the opportunity to access additional FLXpoint styles for the web and that day is today.

Seeing that we have already offered about any height of footwear from locut oxfords all the way up to 10” wellington boots with the FLXpoint feature for men, it was time to add some women’s styles to the offering.

The first style I want to call out here is the new women’s Georgia Boot 6” steel toe waterproof FLXpoint stock #G3334. It has the same lightweight polyurethane midsole and good traction rubber outsole combination as used on the men’s FLXpoint styles.

The G3334 also has the cored out internal construction and polyurethane Comfort Core footbed combination which provides outstanding direct underfoot cushioning as well as excellent flexibility as found in the men’s FLXpoint styles.

The G3334 does not stop there. It also provides a waterproof construction and includes steel toe as well as electrical hazard protection in compliance with ASTM F2413-05 Protective Toe Footwear standards.

However, if your purposes do not require toe protection, you could possibly check out our new women’s Georgia Boot soft (non-protective) toe Waterproof FLXpoint stock #G3494.

Please check out these styles on our website now and contact us with any questions regarding them. Thank you for your interest in our products.