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Meet the Have-Nots
While you would think that most footwear styles would be known for what they do have in their make-up, there is a newer grouping of Nautilus protective toe styles that may be more known for what they do not have.

These Nautilus protective toe locut athletic styles are men’s stock #’s N1710 N1711 as well as women’s stock #’s N1750 N1751 and they have only been displaying on our web site for a short time.

The first feature they do not have is any metal on the shoe’s exterior. This is desired in work environments, such as encountered by the automotive industry, where metal is not utilized on the shoe exterior because of its potential to possibly mar a shoe interior.

However, what these Nautilus styles do not have does not stop there. They actually also have no metal whatsoever in either their shoe exteriors or interiors. Their non-metallic composite protective toe caps are utilized in combination with all other non-metallic shoe parts.

While these non-metallic protective toe cap shoe styles meet the same ASTM F2413-05 Protective Toe requirements as steel toe shoes, these composite toe shoes can pass through metal detectors without setting them off because of their completely non-metallic nature.

While you may find this hard to believe, what these particular Nautilus styles do not have does not stop there. They are designed to have no leather in their make-up. So, if you want your protective toe footwear to have no leather in it for one reason or another, please check them!

Whether you may choose to pursue these styles for any of the number of the features they do not have or because of features they do have, such as a stylish lightweight protection, is up to you. Either way, we hope you find what you are seeking and appreciate your interest in our products.