Ask The Expert
Hitting the Open “Rhoads”
Over the last few years I have had the enjoyment of working with our Client Services Department representative Jason Rhoads.

Jason is a person who puts his heart and soul into his job. It is difficult for me to imagine Jason not being here working with us, but his wife has found an excellent employment opportunity outside of our area that has led them to decide it is in their best overall interests to move at this time.

Jason’s energetic nature has been very contagious and apparent. He would sometimes stand while working, tethered to the phone while talking with customers, to help him relax some while still providing you with the service you are seeking.

I sometimes like to associate people referenced in these posts with footwear styles we offer, maybe writing about their favorite style. But, I don’t recall Jason having a particular favorite shoe; so I thought I should pick something that is made for someone who has energy and movement like he does.

Seeing that Jason is also a true Rocky kind of guy, I think we should associate him with the Rocky TrailBlade Series of composite toe waterproof locut styles such as our R6074 and R6075. These styles have a sporty active look that I believe lines up well with Jason’s personality.

I am thankful for the time I have had through the last few years working with Jason as I think of him as an excellent co-worker and friend. The thing is, I am far from alone in thinking this way as Jason is everybody’s friend. We thank him for the efforts and caring he has provided to you our customers and we his co-workers, as well as our best wishes as he and his wife Kirstin hit the open “Rhoads”.