Ask The Expert
Nothing but Happy Trails with Rocky Mobilites
For over 13 years Rocky Marketing and E-Commerce Departments have benefitted from the enthusiastic, energetic presence of Joe Hanning.

Working with and for Joe has been enjoyable, educational and at times exhausting as he is one of the few people I have seen who can go at the same pace as the head of our division for sustained periods.

However, Joe and his family have decided to embark on an opportunity in Virginia that ties in well with his wife’s optometry skills as well as his love of the outdoors and mountains.

We want to wish Joe well in his new endeavors and felt that it was only appropriate to include here his favorite footwear style that he has noted through the years - the Rocky Mobilite (steel toe version stock # 6114 and soft non-protective toe version stock # 7114).

The Rocky Mobilite not only has a super roomy toe shape to aid in toe room fit and comfort, but it is also waterproof for those who love the outdoors like Joe.

Please check out our Rocky Mobilite styles while we wish happy trails for you as well as Joe and his family.