Lehigh CustomFit is a service of Lehigh Outfitters, one of the largest and most respected providers and manufacturers of safety footwear in the industry today. Founded on the hard-working ingenuity of the Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley in 1922 as the Lehigh Rubber and Leather Company, we have introduced many innovative new products and technologies throughout the years. We pioneered the shoe-store-on-wheels approach for exceptional service and over the past few years have revolutionized the industry by moving away from this model to a more comprehensive online solution called CustomFit. The further ground-breaking addition of our iPad Kiosk has proven extremely popular and beneficial.

Like you, we believe that personal protection and overall safety in the workplace is vital. As a safety manager, one of your many responsibilities is to make sure your employees are buying and using provided or subsidized safety equipment. However, specifically regarding safety footwear, a shoe truck or retail store option can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention expensive. So we developed a better way.

We analyzed the current environment of how most companies were (and some still are) buying their safety shoes with the end goals of improving your cost savings, lessoning the time spent on your program and expanding your brand and style selection. We call the solution CustomFit because it enables us to customize your program to specifically fit your workplace, employee and safety needs.

We've been in the safety shoe business for a long time. Our goal has always been to provide a quality product to ensure worker foot safety while partnering with the companies we service to alleviate the hassle and frustration that we know a program can sometimes bring. We are constantly moving forward to ensure those goals are met and know you will see and feel the Lehigh CustomFit difference. If you have any questions about how CustomFit can save your company money or be an improvement to your current program, contact us.