Welcome to the Lehigh Safety Shoe Program Savings Calculator. This unique savings calculator can allow you to understand the savings that your company could receive by setting up a CustomFit website for your safety shoe program.

These savings are based solely on the your company's subsidy program
in conjunction with an average savings of 10% to 25%. Simply enter the number of employees enrolled in your program followed by your company’s subsidy amount. You can change the savings percent box to calculate what your savings could be, but
all accounts are eligible for a minimum 10% discount when they sign up for CustomFit!
Number of Employees eligible
Company Subsidy
% Savings (10-25+) 10% Minimum!
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*The savings percentages listed as 10% to 25% are based on the savings that previous accounts have experienced when adding CustomFit to their business plan. Please note, there is a minimum 10% savings, but the total savings may differ depending on the account’s structure.