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High-performance materials and quality contruction are vital for keeping your feet protected, comfortable, dry, warm, etc. Below are some of the Technology Features and Benefits that go into the many Brands we offer.

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Gore-Tex Footwear with the GORE-TEX membrane features revolutionary pateneted technology that is windproof, waterproof and breathable. All materials used - from the lining through to the outer material - contribute to the climate comfort of all GORE-TEX footwear. Components and the finished boots are tested to meet strict quality and performance standards. The result is durably waterproof, breathable footwear with guaranteed protection from the toughest conditions. GORE-TEX is a registered trademark of W.L. Gore Associates, Inc.
Thinsulate Thinsulate Insulation is an ultra-thin, versatile synthetic insulation that is lightweight, compression-resistant and provides warmth without bulk. Microfibers trap and hold body heat. Level of warmth provided is measured by grams. Thinsulate Ultra Insulation contains a minimum of 400 grams throughout the product for exceptional warmth in extreme cold. Thinsulate is registered trademark of 3M.
Vibram Vibram is a leader in high-performance soling products that are lightweight, long-wearing, flexible and resistant to abrasion, oil and slips. Each Vibram product utilizes the best compounds for its specific use. New soles are always produced with three objectives: to guarantee the best performance, the maximum level of comfort and quality over time. Vibram and the yellow octagonal label are registered trademarks of Vibram S.P.A.


Rocky Waterproof Rocky Waterproof construction fuses a waterproof inner layer to the shoe upper providing a barrier that keeps water out. The waterproofing lines the entire boot, ensuring complete protection.

Georgia Boot GEORGIA BOOT:
Georgia Waterproof Air gets in even though water can't. Water can try to flow past this obstacle but there is a 100% guarantee that it won't. Styles featuring the Georgia Waterproof System come equipped with a heavily fortified defense against water, because dry feet are happy feet.